Required bundle: editing

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To enable the editing of features in an app one or more ArcGIS Feature Layers that allow the editing of features have to be added to the app.

In the next step the tool for editing must be added to a toolset, see configuration of tools. Afterwards a dialog is available to the user that allows to edit existing geobjects and add new ones. Existing features can be deleted in the step Edit - if the service allows it.


The following parameters are available for configuration:

Name Description


Specifies which workflows can be started by the user. Default value: ["create", "update"]


Determines whether the user is shown a text field for filtering the templates. Default value: true


Specifies how the templates are grouped. Possible values are

  • layer - templates are grouped according to the layer they belong to.

  • geometry - templates are grouped according to the type of their geometry (points, lines, polygons)

  • none - all templates are listed without grouping.


Defines which editing mode is activated when editing geometries. Possible values are

  • transform - allows to move, resize and rotate a geometry.

  • reshape - allows to move a geometry as well as moving or adding vertices of a geometry.

  • move - allows to move a geometry without changing its vertices, size or rotation.


Determines whether the user can switch between the editing modes by clicking on the geometry.

    "editing": {
        "Config": {
            "allowedWorkflows": [
            "allowFeatureTemplateFiltering": true,
            "groupFeatureTemplatesBy": "layer",
            "initialGeometryEditMode": "reshape",
            "toggleGeometryEditModeOnClick": true
For more information about configuration, see the bundle documentation .