map.apps ETL

Applications based on map.apps are particularly designed for individual user needs and target tasks. Frequently, it is required to integrate information from arbitrary data sources. In order to allow fast and efficient design of new map applications, con terra has developed map.apps ETL.

The FME Extension for map.apps integrates ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load) based on FME Flow within map.apps. No programming is needed to combine both technologies as everything can be configured via a graphical user interface. Therefore, the technology stays in the background, both for the user and the administrator allowing for a better focus on the actual application.

With FME as a spatial ETL tool, more than 300 different data formats and services can directly be integrated to read or write data from within map.apps.

The Live Configuration enables the administrator of a map.apps application to choose a FME process of an available FME Flow. Parameters can either be set to use default values or to be configured by the user during runtime. Therefore, process parameters such as a buffer amount, coordinate systems or attribute filters can be defined by the user within map.apps.

Release Notes

The release notes contain information about new features, improvements and bug fixes as well as notes on updates.


This documentation helps with the installation and basic configuration (e.g. connection between FME and map.apps).


This documentation describes configure options for map.apps ETL apps and their corresponding FME workspaces.