security.manager NEXT

With security.manager NEXT you can control access to ArcGIS services in a fine-grained way. In addition to ArcGIS Enterprise’s ability to control access to services for different user groups, with security.manager NEXT you can add the following levels of control:

  • Control access to layers.

  • Control access to features within a layer.

  • Control access to fields within a layer.

  • Control access to a spatial region.

  • Control editing capabilities.

The following services can be controlled by security.manager NEXT:

  • Dynamic map services

  • Non-hosted feature services

  • Web Map Services (WMS)

Please also refer to the Limitations section for further details.

The documentation is structured as follows:

Release Notes

The release notes provide an overview of new features, improvements and bug fixes as well as information about updates.

Installation and operation

This documentation helps with the installation and basic configuration.

Getting started

This guide demonstrates how to protect a service in just a few steps.

Managing policies

This section describes the ways to manage access policies with either using the Browser or the secmantctl command line tool.


Provides reference documentation.