Installation of the web application

This page describes how to set up a new installation of map.apps. If you want to update an existing installation, read Update of an existing installation instead.

To install the map.apps client, the following steps have to be performed:

  • Optionally, you can first change the name of the WAR file (mapapps.war) from the map.apps-4.11.1 directory. The name is used in the URL to launch the application (for example https://<yourserver>/mapapps).

  • Make sure that the Tomcat service is started.

  • Then copy the WAR file to the %TOMCAT%\webapps folder. The file is extracted automatically.

  • Alternatively you can use the Tomcat Manager to install the WAR file. If the Tomcat service is started, you can usually reach the Tomcat Manager at http://<yourserver>:8080/manager/html.

  • In order to use the map.apps installation as an administrator or editor, it is required to set default passwords for the admin and editor user. Please read section Integrated security mechanism for details.

The application is now available under this URL: https://<yourserver>/mapapps. If you load the web context after deployment, you see an empty app overview, as shown in the following screenshot:

empty app overview

To learn how to create your first app, read the section Getting started.
  • When installing map.apps on Linux systems, you have to change the following parameter in the configuration:$\{user.home\}/.mapapps to for example

  • Dependencies required to run map.apps line 3 are not installed by default. If it is desired to run line 3 map.apps, it is necessary to install the map.apps line 3 dependencies as described in section Installation of map.apps line 3 bundles.