Release Notes 4.11

What’s New

Performance Improvements

map.apps 4.11 provides significant optimizations regarding a better performance. The display of the map and the initial start of an app are accelerated considerably. In addition, the visual performance perceived by the user is positively influenced by smooth, continuous transitions. Furthermore, database connections are optimized, requests are reduced and transferred files are compressed better.

For an even faster app launch, there is now a mode for pre-optimizing an app, which can be activated per app. This feature is still in beta in this release.

Legend in map content control (TOC).

The map content control can now additionally display the legend for individual layers. By default, the display is disabled to ensure backwards compatibility. It can be enabled with the showLayerLegend property.

Further new functions and improvements

  • The ArcGIS API for JavaScript used by map.apps as technical basis is updated to version 4.18 with this release. This leads to numerous improvements and bug fixes in the base technology.

  • The time until a user is logged out in case of inactivity can now be configured via a global setting.

A complete list of all changes can be found in Changelog.

Update Notes

Separate rollout of line 3 bundles

If map.apps line 3 bundles are needed, they have to be installed as separate bundles from now on.

Database Model for Pre-optimized Apps

Changes need to be made to the database schema to support pre-optimized apps.

Two changes are necessary:

  1. The column PREOPTIMIZED has to be added on table APPS.

  2. The table APPS_ASSETS has to be created and indexed.

The update can be done either automatically or manually. In either way, the database user has to have permissions to create/alter tables and to add an index. After the update the permissions can be revoked again.

Automatic Update

Make sure, that the property db.hibernate.schemaUpdate=update in the appropriate config file is set. If you have not set or changed this setting so far, then you do not need to make any change because the above value is the default value. Restart map.apps to apply the update automatically.

Manual Update

Use the appropriate SQL script for your database in use:

Password for the map.apps administrator

From now on map.apps is shipped without a preconfigured default password for the administrator user. Thus, if not already done in a previous installation, the password must be set.

Updated default app

The templates for the so-called default app has been updated. If you have not made any customizations, remove the files from the working directory. The path to this directory is defined using the parameter in the file %TOMCAT%\webapps\mapapps\WEB-INF\classes\ At the first start, the new templates are copied there.

Customized splashscreens

If the map.apps installation, which is being updated, has its own index.html with customized init.css these files must be saved and reapplied after the update.

Discontinued Features

The following features are discontinued with this release:

  • Support for Internet Explorer 11 (and Microsoft Edge Legacy) is discontinued as of this version. This affects all apps of line 4 as well as the map.apps manager and the app overview.

  • The bundles of line 3 will no longer be installed by default. They will still be delivered in the rollout directory and can be uploaded via the map.apps Manager.

Deprecated Features

The following are deprecated and will be removed in a future release:


  • Compatibility mode in map.apps Manager

  • Synchronization of apps and app templates. It is recommended to use domain bundles instead.

  • Dependencies needed for line 3 SampleProjRemote will be removed from the m2-repository in the rollout in a future release.

Line 4 Bundles

  • Class ct/Stateful is replaced by apprt-core/Mutable

  • Class ct/_Connect is replaced by apprt-core/Observers

  • Classes and functions of package ct are transferred to corresponding apprt packages

  • The ct/mapdraw-api mode "extent" is replaced by "rectangle".

Also note the additional information in the system requirements.

Known Limitations

Line 4 Bundles


[Map] Configured ground layer throws error in 2D views


[Map] Zoom via mousewheel does not allow to zoom to the full max or min extent in some situations

Line 3 Bundles


[Webmap] CSVLayer parses numbers dependant on dojo locale


Line 4 Bundles

  • Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.18.1

  • ArcGIS Arcade 1.12

  • core-js 3.8.1

  • Dojo 1.16.3

  • dgrid 1.2.1

  • dstore 1.1.2

  • Moment.js 2.29.1

  • Vue.js 2.6.6

  • Vuetify.js 1.5.24

Line 3 Bundles

  • Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.25

  • Dojo 1.13.0

  • dgrid 0.3.17

  • xstyle 0.3.2

  • put-selector 0.3.6

  • dstore 1.1.2

  • Moment.js 2.22.1