Configuration of apps

The configuration options for individual apps are described in the following. To create a new app, first read the steps to create a new app.

The configuration of apps can be done in two ways:

To use one of the two configuration methods, first open the app details window in map.apps Manager by clicking on the line that displays the title and description of an app.

app details

Live configuration

The app is opened in a preview mode. Live-Configuration (in the default layout top right) opens a configuration dialog in which contents and functions of the app can be configured.

To apply the change of a setting to the current view, click Update Preview. Only if the option Save App is selected, the configuration is saved in the database.

Manual configuration

In this mode the configuration file of the app (app.json) can be edited. The file is stored in JSON format and contains a list of the bundles used in the app ("allowedBundles") and their configuration ("bundles").

The file has the following structure:

    "properties": {},
    "load": {
        "allowedBundles": [
    "bundles": {
        "map-init": {
            "Config": {
                "basemaps": [
                        "id": "topo",
                        "basemap": "topo-vector"
                "map": {
                    "layers": []
For a complete overview of all bundles and their documentation, see the bundle documentation .