Required software

To install map.apps, the following software must be installed on your system. For the versions of this software that are compatible with map.apps, see the system requirements.

  • Java, for example from the OpenJDK download page .

  • Apache Tomcat, from the Apache Tomcat download page (for example "32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer" for a windows environment). Further information about the installation process can be found in the Tomcat setup documentation . If your system environment requires special proxy server settings, these might have to be adjusted in Tomcat as well.

  • Database: By default, a local HSQL database is created in the file system for testing purposes. Install a separate database for production environments. For more information, see database configuration.

Installation steps

The following steps describe the first installation of map.apps. To update an existing installation, see Update existing installation instead.

To install map.apps perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the Tomcat service is started.

  2. Copy the file mapapps.war from the map.apps delivery directory to the %TOMCAT%\webapps folder. The file will be unpacked automatically. Alternatively, you can use the Tomcat Manager (commonly found at http://<yourserver>:8080/manager/html) to install the WAR file.

  3. Set a data directory by changing the parameter in the global configuration. This step is optional if you want to leave the setting at the default value $\{user.home\}/.mapapps (user.home references the home directory of the user under which the Tomcat server is running). Restart the Tomcat service for the change to take effect.

  4. Set a password for administration access as described Integrated Mode.

The web application is now available at https://<yourserver>/mapapps and shows an empty app overview:

empty app overview

To learn how to create your first app, see Getting started.