Update existing installation

This page describes how to update an existing installation to a newer version. Existing apps, app templates and report templates as well as uploaded bundles are preserved.

To identify which version you are running, open the URL https://<yourserver>/mapapps/info.txt.

Before updating
  • Note the update notes in the Release Notes of the current version as well as all versions that lie between the current version and the version you have installed so far.

  • We recommend to make a backup of the database before updating your installation.

Update steps

To update map.apps to a newer version, follow these steps:

  1. Stop the Apache Tomcat server.

  2. Remove the old map.apps context from %TOMCAT%\webapps\ (move it to a backup folder before deleting it completely).

  3. Extract the new map.apps version to %TOMCAT%\webapps\.

  4. Edit the file %TOMCAT%\webapps\mapapps\WEB-INF\classes\custom-application.properties and point the data.directory.location property to your .mapapps folder. This folder contains the customized application.properties of your previous map.apps installation.

  5. Start the Apache Tomcat server.


The browser cache on every client machine has to be deleted, to make sure that all changes take effect. After a defined time of half a day by default, the changes take effect for all users without actively clearing the browser cache.

Custom Development

If you are using custom bundles in your map.apps installation that use the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript, check if there are any breaking changes between the version previously used and the version currently used by map.apps that affect your implementation.