Reporting service configuration

Service parameters

The following options can be set in the


The URL of the reporting service.

This property is used in the reportstore bundle as an initial value for the target property. It is not considered by the backend service.

Default: ${applicationURL.noscheme}/resources/reports/.


This property defines the working directory for the reporting service.

It must point to a directory with write access. The purpose of this directory is to extract uploaded report templates prior to report generation.

Default: $\{\}/reports.


This property defines the location for static report templates.

Static report templates are imported into the database during the start of the servlet container. The IDs are generated based on the name of the report template folder and the prefix s_. Static report templates cannot be deleted in map.apps manager.

Default: /WEB-INF/classes/reports.


This property defines how often the static reports folder is scanned for changes.

The default -1 means that it is scanned only at start of the application. The value is in milliseconds, for example 30000 means that the folder is scanned every 30 seconds.

Default: -1


This property specifies the URL of the ArcGIS Server Print Task used to generate map images inside reports.

The PrintTask needs to be configured as synchronous. The default value reuses the value for the printtask.service.url property.


This property specifies the default language transported into the report engine.

Default value reuses the value for the client.config.defaultLocale property.

Global reporting parameters

You can configure special global parameters for report generation in the file WEB-INF/classes/spring-report-config.xml. A sample of such a global parameter is the reporting.printtask.service.url which is provided as parameter CT_MAP_PRINT_TASK_URL during report generation. The configuration section globalReportParameter can be extended to add your own parameters.

<util:map id="globalReportParameter">
        add global shared report template parameter here!
    <entry key="CT_MAP_PRINT_TASK_URL" value="${reporting.printtask.service.url}"/>
    <entry key="REQUEST_COOKIE_SSO_NAME" value="${}"/>

    <!-- add here own parameters provided to all report templates -->
    <entry key="MY_SPECIAL_PARAMETER" value="A Value"/>