Multiple JS Registries

To define which bundles and packages are available during test execution, provide a test configuration to the runner.html file:

http://localhost:8080/resources/jsregistry/root/<name of test framework>/<version>/runner.html?boot=/js/test-init.js&test=helloworld/tests/hello

In the sample URL the test-init.js is located at src/main/js and has following contents:

    jsregistry: [{
            //root: "url to registry.. if not defined the local registry at /resources/jsregistry/root is assumed"
            packages: [
                // register all self hosted packages
            root: "http://myhostname:8080/mapapps/resources/jsregistry/root",
            packages: [
                // list the packages which should be loaded from this registry
                // <name>@<version range expression>