Integration API

map.apps can be used in two integration scenarios:

  • Embed map.apps in a web page

  • Run third party applications in a map.apps window.

In both scenarios the Integration API can be used to exchange information between the surrounding application and map.apps or map.apps and the application running in a map.apps window.

Embed map.apps in a web page

By default map.apps runs in its own HTML page and places the app’s content in the body element of the page. To run an app in embedded mode any div element of the HTML page can be used as root element for placing the app’s content. The surrounding application can take control of map.apps and perform certain actions by using the Integration API.

Disable mouse wheel or touch navigation

To disable mouse wheel or touch navigation, use the following configuration:

    "map-init": {
        "Config": {
            "map": {},
            "view": {
                "navigation": {
                    "mouseWheelZoomEnabled": false,
                    "browserTouchPanEnabled": false

Run third party applications in a map.apps window

map.apps offers the capability to run third party applications in a window. map.apps opens a window with IFrame content that launches the third party application. This application can also use the Integration API to take control of map.apps.

For more information about how to use the Integration API, see the bundle documentation .