Release Notes 2.0

What’s New

This release contains a number of functional innovations as well as updates to the basic technology.

Switch to map.apps line 4

With the release 2.0.0 of smart.finder map.apps line 4 is fully supported. A combination of smart.finder 2.0.0 with map.apps line 3 is not possible. In addition to the technological shift, the UI of smart.finder has also been completely revised and adapted to line 4.

Product documentation

The product documentation has been completely revised and will be published in a new way for the first time with this release. The documentation can be accessed via . A registration is not necessary. The documentation for other con terra Technologies products will also be provided in this form in the future.

Extended indexing of web pages

With the current version, it is possible to search web pages for specific resources and index them separately.

Support of Apache Solr Data Import Handler

With the support of the Apache Solr Data Import technology a variety of other data sources can now be indexed, e.g. relational databases, ATOM feeds, emails or other Apache Solr server instances.

Multiple core support

In addition to the cores of the delivery, you can create your own cores. This allows indexes with different syntax and semantics as well as different search behaviour to be used side by side in a smart.finder instance.

Support map.apps Query Builder Bundle

smart.finder supports the integration of the map.apps Query Builder Bundle. This means that, in addition to search suggestions, complex queries can be made against a search index. The map.apps Query Builder Bundle is not part of the delivery and can be obtained if required via the con terra Git Hub Repository .

A complete list of all changes can be found in Changelog.

Discontinued support

Support for the following functions has been discontinued with this release:

  • Indexing of a terra.catalog database

  • Internet Explorer 11

Deprecated features

For the following features the further development will be stopped and the end of support for the future announced:

  • Currently nothing is planned

Known limitations


[Facet Search] Improve algorithm in order to be more consistent